Unlock the best of Moreton Bay...

Let us take you on an exploration in Mountain Wine Tours’ own backyard, the Moreton Bay Region. It is one of Queensland’s most important coastal resources. The waters of Moreton Bay are a popular destination for recreational anglers and are used by commercial operators who provide seafood to market.

Undoubtedly offering some of South East Queensland’s most breathtaking scenery. The region stretches from the gorgeous coastlines right up into the mountains of the D’Aguilar Range.

It has premier waterfront locations, pristine environmental areas and vibrant entertainment venues and opportunities. With all of this together with thriving cultural and community hubs, we know that you will be blown away with what is on offer!

The Moreton Bay region offers so much by way of incredible scenery. Around every corner is another awe-inspiring vista to captivate and amaze! We explore the many family-owned boutique wineries, distilleries, and craft breweries. As we do, we will share with you some of our favorites.

Wineries in Moreton Bay

You can swirl, sniff, sip and savour to your hearts delight! Our regions range of wineries is bound to delight both the most discerning connoisseur and the newbie alike! Our region is ideal for growing the vines that the experts then get to work creating exciting flavours for your delight!

Brewers and Distillers in Moreton Bay

The incredible brewers and distillers in the Moreton Bay Region have seized the brew and distilling fever and stepped up their game when it comes to brewing or distilling and serving new age craft beer and spirits. The diverse range of exciting flavours and styles of craft and new age beers and spirits will have you hooked and a convert for life!

Food in Moreton Bay

Seafood "catch of the day" on the bayside, to fresh produce farms in the hinterland, our region really does offer the best in fish to pan and paddock to plate. Feasting in our region, gives a huge choice of of fine-dining restaurants, local pubs, top cafes and the freshest fish and chip outlets.