Scenic Rim Wine Tour

Raise a glass to adventure

Embark on a full day adventure from Brisbane City and discover the hidden gems of the Southeast Queensland region. With picturesque mountain views, the tour takes you through the volcanic soil and unique climate that has sustained artisan, boutique, and private wine makers.


Get ready for an exclusive wine tasting experience with a wide range of wines to taste, some of which are not available for retail.

As you journey through the scenic region, you’ll have ample opportunities to taste the local produce, enjoy stunning scenery, and make new friends along the way. This tour is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the beauty and flavours of Southeast Queensland.

Wineries in The Scenic Rim

Less than a 60 minute drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast you find the Scenic Rim. We will transport you to the beautiful tastes of award-winning wines of this incredible area. "If this is your first visit we are sure you will be back!

Breweries in The Scenic Rim

The home to a flourishing beverage industry, The Scenic Rim invites you to enjoy the region’s homegrown glory! Craft beers, local liqueurs and kombucha await you as our craft breweries raise the bar for boutique ales, lagers and stouts.

Food in The Scenic Rim

Enjoy the results of our hyperlocal food movement in The Scenic Rim. Our tours will introduce you to some of the best regional producers and makers from dairy to honey, olives, cheese, coffee and fresh fruit and vegetables. You will love it!